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Damage Control: Nash's Journal

Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...

Knight of Mars
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I really don't know what all else to say. ::shrugs::

The one thing that I do need to mention - this is my personal journal and I'll do whatever I want in here. You are all more than welcome to read it, but I'm not editing myself for anyone. Please read this first, as it accurately describes many of my own beliefs.

There'll be random profanity here and there, me complaining about things that really annoy me, discussions of current events that will almost definitely be biased (my opinions on what's going on and how I feel about them), and all sorts of non-PC discussion. Especially on various Friends Only posts. Consider yourself warned. It's not all bad, though; I post plenty of jokes and links and witty observations and humorous stories about the odd little things that occasionally happen to me, along with the rants and raves and the boring posts about my daily life.

Guess that's as good of a profile as y'all are going to get. And yes, I know I didn't say much at all about who I am. I blather on about myself and my life enough in my journal - I don't feel the need to do so here as well. That and I'm too damn lazy to put anything here. Ah well.

And since it's some unwritten LJ law that you have to have at least one colorbar on your profile...

Bouncing b00bies are love!
(Colorful enough for ya?)

Nothing more to see here, folks.....move along.....

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