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Another day, another post

Test today was a killer and a half - much, much worse than I had anticipated. Hopefully I'll be able to salvage a passing grade. After that, I ate lunch in the Fergueson Center, and saw something that did my heart good. There, in the center of the building, was the empty trophy case where our beloved Iron Bowl trophy will prominently be displayed. Inside it now is a backdrop made of a blown-up image of the scoreboard taken after the game, several newspapers, each diaplaying their various headlines, and a small sign, telling everyone the exact time and date the trophy wiull be returned back home. Poor, poor Auburn fans, will they never learn? Even when Alabama is struggling this season, we can still rout them pretty badly (31-7, to be exact). Not only that, but you'd think they would at LEAST be smart enough to turn off the scoreboard; when Bama loses a home game, the board shuts down with the final tick of the clock. Saturday, however, the Auburn scoreboard stayed lit for a good thirty minutes after the game was over, while the MDB and all the Alabama fans chanted "Roll Tide" and sang "Rammer Jammer" no less than six times, with the scoreboard providing the perfect backdrop for their celebration. I can only assume that someone must have been too busy impregnating their cousin to even notice the huge party just outside the press box, and shut down the scoreboard before eighty thousand people took souvineer snapshots. On the other hand, you gotta love it when the hometown crowd begins deserting their own stadium halfway through the third quarter...

Been playing around with LJ a little more, and as you can see, I'm working on my own color scheme - something that better suits me. Nothing of note to report today; I spent most of the day either in the computer labs waiting for a partner that was a no show, lying on the couch watching cartoons, or just looking around online, catching up on some things I've been meaning to do. Read a little e-mail, checked out a few web sites out of sheer boredom, updated some software, and dropped by Roman Arena and now, the new Wizard's Challenge sites. Apparently, I'm not doing bad in there at all, much to my surprise. Mainly, I didn't feel like doing much at all, so I just killed time till my baby got home so I could call her up and flirt with ther till she had to go to sleep. ::smiles:: Goodnight, sweetheart. I miss you, and can't wait to come home and hold you in my arms once more.
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