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Reject the Ho

Woke up kinda drained this morning. Ended up sleeping on the couch all night. My usual nighttime routine is that whenever Yuki's ready for bed, I'll grab my cell phone and head to the living room. That way I won't wake him up when Laura calls after her night shift. Also, that means that I won't have to stay awake the entire time till she clocks out. I end up taking a nap until the phone rings, and after we talk for a while I'll head on back to my room to go to sleep. Turns out that last night, one of Laura's friends lost her keys and the two of them stayed up till the wee hours of the morning looking for them. She left an IM on my Away Message around four or so when she got back to her place to let me know that she's okay but that she wouldn't call cause it's so early. Cause of that I ended up couchified last night by accident. It's a moderately comfortable couch - much better than I'd expect from a dorm room - but the arm rest has left me with a terrible crick in my neck.

One thing I was thinking about as I was half-asleep in the living room: Is it just me, or does the voice doing the commentary in that Kung Pow movie sound like Strong Bad? The voices were similar, and I can definitelty see SB giving the play-by-play commentary. "Holy Crap! That must have hurt! I mean, with the punching and the hole in the stomach. The middle isn't there anymore. I'm no doctor, but that looks like it hurt like crap!"

Stats II was all right today, I suppose. Another day of review, but we're covering some pretty important things so it's good that he's keeping it fresh in our minds. The grafitti on my desk amused me as I was reading some of it before class. Kind of struck me as odd, as there isn't really all that much defacement on the things in the Engineering building - that's usually reserved for the Math department or any classroom that often contains Freshmen. In those cases, the writing is almost always bashing Frat boys. This wasn't the case today. Since it was a classroom most often used to teach upper-level Engineering courses, there wasn't the first mention of Frat Daddy's anywhere. I'm guessing that's because these folks haven't seen a Frat Daddy since their English 101 class. Hell, I'd be willing to wager that half of them haven't even seen a beer in the past few semesters. All of the things doodled onto my desk were making fun of statistics in general. Things like mock calculations that mathematically prove that statistics class sucks (a la the famous Girls are Evil equation), and several things including variations of "Ho" (which, of course, is the abbreviation used for original hypothesis when you're testing the validity of a statistical statement).

Something interesting was said to me while hanging out with all my Japanese friends. Turns out that someone said that I know more about Japan than many Japanese people. ::chuckles:: We were all hanging around, talking. I don't remember exactly what the conversation was about or where it was heading, but I mentioned something about the Edo period. Shingo kinda bashfully mentioned that he didn't know anything about that. I was a bit surprised at first, as you could expect. He then said that many Japanese didn't know all that much about their history, and that he in particular was never any good at his history classes. This makes perfect sense - it's the exact same way here in America - but it caught me off guard. I don't even remember exactly what I said, but it seemed almost like common knowledge to me. But to be honest, that's probably because I read a lot about Japan, remember things told to me from my martial arts instructor, watch lots of Anime (things like Kenshin, especially), and remember my professors discussing parts of Japanese history while I was at Chiba University taking classes a few summer's ago.

I think I'm going to start making my list of what all I need to do before I leave, what all I need to pack, and what all I need to bring back from Mobile. Rock on, party peoples.
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