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Quote of the Night:

"The secret to InuYasha's power isn't the big sword, or the half-demonness or the cat ears... it's bright red MC Hammer pants. Yup."

Funny as all get out. So funny that I'll even forgive them for the whole "cat ears" thing. C'mon guys, it's InuYasha, not Neko-Yasha! ^_^;

That's gotta be the best thing about Cartoon Network - how they joke about their own shows. The Wonder Twins public service announcements between shows are great, as are the Life at Cartoon Network HQ segments. And especially the show Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law. The tagline " his pants" is used all the time nowadays, every bit as much as any of the jokes from that Seinfeld show a while back. ::chuckles::
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