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"Let your anger be as a monkey in a pinyata, hiding in there with all the candy, hoping that the children don't break through with a stick." Perhaps the best advice I've heard in quite some time. ::chuckles::

Yeah, Jason finally forced me to sit down and watch Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Originally I just went over there just to hang out. Turns out we - Jason, Karen, and myself - went to Cici's for supper while I was over there. (Mental note to self: I owe Jason five bucks). Just sat around, shooting the shit, having some more of our extremely strange yet entirely amusing convsations. Well, that and mocking the Turkey Hunter arcade game that was there, but I'll spare y'all from having to hear that rant of mine again. ^_^;

Afterwards, as I had no homework and Laura's working late again, we hung out for a while, talking about geek stuff like the various RPG campaigns that went up in flames and the plans to keep the current ones from doing the same. After while, we decided to watch a movie. Karen and I are still on a mission from God to get Jason to watch Fight Club (which he owns but for some reason has still not seen). He politely declined, saying that he was in the mood for a comedy, and that he really wanted to show me Kung Pow. Next time, Jason, next time. You will be converted to Fight Club-ism. Likely Donnie Darko-ism as well, but that's thespacecow's monkey, and I'll let him try to hook him on that one. Besides, he has another year or two after I'm outta here.

Kung Pow, while looking like the stupidest movie on God's green Earth from the commercials, turned out not to be half bad. There were indeed some lame parts, where there either weren't many(any) jokes or the ones there was stretching just a little too far, desperately trying for a laugh. On the other hand, there was no shortage on genuinely funny parts, and those had me in stitches (even if half of them could be predicted in advance). Another good thing is that the movie it was mocking is also included on the DVD. While, in the case of MST3K it's normally useless filler, in this case it's just another cheezy kung-fu movie that'd be fun to watch as is.

All in all, I kind of liked it but doubt I'd ever buy it unless it was hellafied cheap. Which was the only reason Jason bought it himself, come to think of it. His movie synopsis was as follows: "I went to see it in the theaters, and *hated* it. But, I rented it again later on and the second time I loved it. I think it was soley because I didn't have so much of my money invested into it the second time around."

Anyway, that's been my night so far. Nothing Earth-shattering to report. Just another day helplessly spinning around in the far corner of the galaxy...
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