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I feel like I could sleep for about a week and a half.

Didn't get to bed last night till 1:30 or 2:00. Tried to go to bed earlier, but just couldn't get comfortable. Ended up fooling around on the 'puter for a little while to see if I'd naturally get drowzy. Nope. Took a nice hot shower to try to ase the pain running up and down my spine. Even fixed myself a big ol' glass of Chocolate Milk, as that often helps. Nada.

This morning, I was awakened by the telephone. Turns out one of Yuki's friends was calling for him around 7:30. I know that by comparison my hormones are all fucked up and most of my medicines have drowsiness or fatigue as side effects, but I still don't see how this kid does it. He plays tennis till around eleven or so, then comes in and showers, does homework, does laundry, and spends some time on the computer answering emails and catching up on news from back home. And, he still manages to get up as early as I do if not earlier, and function relatively normal. ::shrugs::

Anyways, today was my early classes. Math at 9am went well. As well as anything before noon could possibly go, I suppose. The teacher is just a tad absent-minded it seems, or else suffering from early AM fatigue just like the rest of us. He'd ask for the answer to the question, and everyone was saying "42". He kept asking, and eventually people shut up cause if that wasn't the answer then they were clueless. He worked it out, and came out with "21". Then, he moved on to part two of the question, where it asked you to do the same problem, but this time without replacement. After a few seconds, he realized that what he had just done was part B, and then proceeded to do part A. Didn't seem to understand that was the reason everyone was repeating the answer "42" from earlier, as that was the correct solution for part A. Later on, he'd ask another question to the class. We'd respond, and he'd ask again as if he didn't hear us. After the third or fourth time, he'd acknowledge our response and continue. I dunno, maybe he was hung over from a kegger the night before. ::chuckles:: I'd love to see that, Dr. Gray doing a keg stand....^_^;

Physics was okay, aside from the professor saying that there's going to be a few problems assigned Friday that will have to be turned in. I don't mind doing homework - it's part of the game - but I *do* mind having to buy a hundred dollar textbook that we will only be using for two weeks, three tops. Give us a fuggin break' and at least make printouts of what you want us to do! Damn money-hungry leeches.

As I was going on to my next class, I walked past DeSmet's office door. I've been that way before, but since I now have him as my professor, I noticed the name on the door (accidentally typed "odor"...another Freudian slip?) and made the mental connection that this was his office. But there were more signs on the door than just his name plaque, unlike all the other offices. Several signs warned of super-powerful lasers being in use on the other side of the door. Gloves and goggles must be worn at all times if you want to enter. And this was his office, mind you, not the labratory on the third floor. This leads me to believe one of several possible conclusions. First, perhaps this is yet another way that he's a total whack job. Secondly, maybe this is why he's so looney to begin with. Third...what if this is some sadistic, "No Mr. Cantrell, I expect you to DIE!" evil scheme of his, and anyone who opens his door is obliterated by the main cannon of the Death Star, which just happens to be sitting beside his desk? Hmm...

ECE went all right, I suppose. Migranes were kicking my ass by then, and since I had my eyes closed for much of the time in order to block out the painful light from the flourescents overhead, I was worried that Jackson was going to pull a pop quiz out of his notebook to spring on us because he caught me "sleeping". Luckily though, the lecture ran over and any punishments were thus avoided. My partner this semester is a guy that I've worked with in the past. He's a pretty hard worker, so hopefully between the two of us we'll survuve this time around.

Unlike my usual Mondays and Fridays, today I had to trek back across to the Physics building. For those of you unfamilliar with the UA campus, the Engineering buildings and the Physics/Astronomy building are on two completely opposite sides of the campus. I had to go from Physics to my Engineering class and back to Physics again, and I was late to each destination due to the amount of ground that I had to cover. As this was my first day of Physics Lab, it didn't put me in a very good spot with the professor that I popped in as he was passing out the syllabus. ::shrugs:: Whatcha gonna do?

"Welcome to Physics Lab. The first rule of Physics Lab is you do not blow anything up in Physics Lab. The second rule of Physics Lab is YOU DO NOT BLOW ANYTHING UP IN PHYSICS LAB!" More reading of the class guidelines and syllabus and the like, just like the first visit to any other class on campus. My lab instructor's name is Octavias Micu, and seems to be a pretty serious guy. Well, that was until after class, when he started chatting with some of the students, and revealed a slightly more laid back personality. Can't quite read him just yet, but I hope it's this second personality that'll be grading our tests at the very least.

Then I marched back across the Quad to the Ferg, where I had my Senior pictures taken. I know I'm going to look like a goober, I can already feel it. By this point in the day I was pretty give out, and I'm sure that showed in the picture. Today's the last day they were taking them though, so I couldn't just put it off till minyana. Oh well, at least since I had a pizza-box hat on in the picture, I ain't got to worry about bad hair days this time. ::shrugs::

I still don't know how I made it back to the apartment. Once I collapsed at a table in the Food Court, I didn't think I could get back up. Maybe the power of overly priced and overly fried food gave me a Yuri-like boost of stamina, enough for me to make it back here before my second wind gave out. There was some kind of radio station giving away free prizes in the courtyard as I was walkin by. Normally I'd stop and at least investigate things when there's free stuffs to be had, but I had my mind focused on making it back to Rose Towers to the exclusion of just about everything else.

Anyways, I'm spent. I don't think I'll be able to get to sleep, but I do think I'll pile up in the bed and read me a book while Kazaa (lite) downoads me a buncha neat goodies. Not much of a selection to choose a book from, as I left 99.9% of my stuff in Mobile. I do think that I brought Mick Foley's autobiography with m; maybe I'll start on that. Been meaning to read that since, oh, the turn of the century. ::chuckles:: In nay case, I'll be around. If anything's goin down, feel free to shoot an IM over my way to screenname "SailorNash".

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease. I'm outta here.
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