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Good News, Bad News.

My mother was scheduled for some testing today. Turns out that the cysts that they had removed several months ago wasn't the source of her pain, as it has recently came back. The doctors looked around, and saw nothing. No cysts, no cancer, no deformity, nothing at all out of the ordinary. Dad was telling this to me over the phone, like it was good news. While it's good news that she doesn't have cancer, she is still in a good deal of pain, and the doctors can't find out why...

The same thing happened with Dr. John, my future father-in-law. He was admitted to the hospital Sunday night for severe chest pains. The doctors gave him some nitroglycerin, and the pain went away. Afterwards, they ran a plethora of tests on him, and released him this afternoon as they could find nothing wrong. Same as above, it's good that they didn't see anyhting major, but there's still something bad wrong and no one knows what. (In fact, in his case it was much worse, as we were worried he might not pull through this.) Also, the doctors are morons. Of *course* he wasn't showing any symptons - you just gave him some medicine! But, they didn't actually perscribe nitroglycerin for him. Next time it happens, I suppose they'll just have to rush him to the hospital again, and hope he doesn't have a heart attack again. And to think these morons went to school for over a decade to learn how to take care of people...

Well, anyways I don't know whether to be upset or relieved. At least things are fine for now.
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