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Classes, Day Two

GES 257 looks to be more of the same. New edition of the textbook, so that makes a total of five that I have to buy. And I'm only taking four classes to boot. ::shrugs:: Wouldn't be so much of a problem, cept for the fact that I only have enough dough to purchase one book at most. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Elam was the same as usual, as well. Same speech. Same syllabus. Same room. Same seat. Exactly the same as part one so far. Same people as well - his first comment was "'s like a class reunion in here. I've had most of you before." Not exactly a good sign. Since he only teaches Stats I and II, some might be from the previous one, but I know for a fact that there's several faces in there (fairly smart people, too) that I know was in part deux last semester.

Was kind of humorous watching Elam explain the one thing different about the class. Previously, we used a class chat room - not very useful, for several reasons. People logging in couldn't see the discussion previous to their entry. People couldn't see what had been talked about earlier in the day. People could only chat if someone else was in there (and it was always empty whenever I logged in). Only one person could be helped at a time. You get the idea. He did it this way because he didn't know how to post on a message board (which is also included on the class web site, but wasn't used due to the professor's ignorance). This year, enough people complained so he finally made the switch. In class, he was trying to explain how to post, and read a thread, and the like. It was very obsurd - you could tell he didn't really know what he was doing, and he sounded very unsure when giving his speech. Kinda like a second grader doing an oral presentation.

Over the summer, he apparently learned PowerPoint as well. He's always used it, but while giving the lecture he always left it on the slide editing screen. Now, he clicked the "Start Presentation" button at the bottom left and used it in full-screen mode for the first time in two years. (Maybe it's just because I'm a Computer Scientist, but this doesn't fill me with too much hope. These are the guys that are supposed to be teaching us, and they have this much trouble with the simplest of computer usage?)

Anyways, I'ma gonna rest up for a while. Not much else to do, yanno. ::chuckles::
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