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Fall 2003

For anyone who's interested (and for me, in case I forget which room one of my classes are in these first few days of class), here's what the semester's looking like for me:

9:00 - MATH 355, Theory of Probability (GP 228)
10:00 - PH 106, Cal-based Physics II (GL 200)
11:00 - ECE 480, Digital Systems Design (HO 304)

11:00 - GES 257, Engineering Statistics II (HC 240

Wednesday, 12:00 - Physics Lab GL 313

Since it's almost all Math classes (Stats and Physics only pretends not to be math, yanno) it's going to be pretty rough. Man, I wish I was smart enough to take a few of these every year instead of having to do an entire semester's worth right now. ::grumble:: The upside is that I shouldn't have too awful much homework. I know Stats has a lot of homework - fairly difficult problems at that, thought everyone swears that part two is easier than it's predecesor.

Probability isn't normally a requirement for my major, but I'm going to try and see if it'll count since the class I actually need is only offered in the Spring semester. MATH 355 is a higher class, so it's supposed to be more difficult. However, since I'm also taking Statistics (a related field) and I'm forever calculating probabilities in my off time (everything from poker hands to my weekly D&D game), perhaps it'll be a little easier than the number 355 initially suggests.

I'm still pissed off about the ECE class, but not much I can do about that. "Homework" in there is actually group-based assignments, so hopefully I'll have a partner or three to help me out. Together, the other members can usually find flaws in the other's answers and a decent paper can be turned in for credit. However, that assumes that everyone actually works....

Ah well. Guess it'll all work out all right. Gotta stay tough - there's a pretty lil' lady in Mississippi waiting for me to come back home. ^_^
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