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"Millions Eat Because People Click a Button."

As many of you all know, I've been actively trying to persuade the online community to visit and related sites for years now. Since I'm nearly always online, I figgured it was the least that I could do, and whenever I become involved with a specific group of people (such as message boards, blogs, clans in online video games, and the like) I always try to persuade others into joining me on my quest. If I can make a difference, then surely if I can talk my buddy Joe into doing it too, then together we'll be making twice the difference.

However, most of the time I'm met with scepticism. "There's no way that just by clicking a button, you can send food to starving people or protect the rainforest." "There's got to be some kind of catch." And so on.

Weeeeell, I just happened to be browsing, the biggest name in proving/disproving myths, rumors, and urban legends. While using the "random story" feature, I stumbled across this article. Check it out for yourself: it's all legit.

So, now that the skeptics out there don't have an excuse not to, be sure to check out the following sites. One links directly into the rest, so you can literally click each of the donation buttons in under a minute. You're online anyway, and you gots nuthin to lose.

Also, check out and for similar save-the-world-for-free sites.
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