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If you're happy and you know it, buy a gun.

Man, it's hotter than a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce out there! ::melts::

Only got about four items crossed of my "To Do" list today. Good start though, all things considering. I'm going to wait till Thursday till I go buy my textbooks, to make sure I get all the right ones (and try not to buy any unneccisary ones, as it often the case). Added ECE 480 to my schedule...again. Really lucked out though - class was filled to capacity and yet I was able to sweet talk my way in there anyway. Had to wait two hours or so, though - Miss Linda couldn't help me, cause it was filled. Waited forever just to get the news that I needed to go elsewhere. Bleh. Then had to wait again at the main ECE office, then again at the actual person's office. ::groan::

While waiting, I was talkin to one of my classmates from last semester's failed attempt at HELL, I mean ECE. Turns out that Dr. D.J. Jackson (despite having a pretty cool sounding name) decided to be uncool to everyone in my class. The projects turned out better than usual, so instead of that class having a slightly higher GPA than his 480 classes in the past few years, he decided to get tough and beat the crap outta everyone in the lecture class. Graded them things bout as harshly as he could - that way, the worse than usual lecture class grades and the better than usual lab grades would balance each other out. Makes no sense to me, but I'm not the guy with the fancy diploma and the big red pen. Of doom.

That *really* pissed me off. I made better on my second attempt at that class than my first, ubt I was wondering if something was up. It seemed like I understood the material a helluva lot better the second time around, and I worked really hard to make sure I passed. The huge amount of extra work didn't seem to correspond to the only mediocre increase in my grade; guess now I know why. ::grumbles::

Everywhere else was equally as packed. Couldn't hardly make it down the halls! In any case, all the necessities are taken care of. Everything else can wait till later in the week, after the Bama Blast crew has dispersed. (Someone remind me never to try to get anything done in the middle of Bama Blast again...)
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