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Technicolor Dreams

This is mostly for my own benefit, but I'm posting it here for future reference as well as for mere curiosity. I have no desire to type out the full text of this weekend's aura reading, nor do I feel like sharing the personal details of my own fortune. But I did want to record this info concerning my chakras somewhere, and where better than right here.

TL;DR: New-Agey stuff here. Some of which I still need to research a bit and possibly try to debunk. Feel free to skip if you're not interested. If you are, don't hold me to any of this just yet.

Predominant color: YELLOW - abundance, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, philosophical

Aura size: 90/100

[30/100] Base
[50/100] Navel
[70/100] Solar Plexus
[40/100] Heart
[20/100] Throat
[80/100] Third Eye
[20/100] Crown
[50/100] Overall

Color Wheel: Yellow, Yellow-Orange
Yin-Yang Balance: Very unbalanced

Mind 50%, Body 30%, Spirit 20%
Highly emotional, stressed, agitated. High excitement, nervousness, or sensitivity.

State of Mind: 55% relaxed, 45% stressed
Energy Level: (1)Emotional - High, (2)Physical - High, (3)Mental - High, (4)Intuitive - High

Stressed/low energy

Yellow aura, yellow left, yellow heart
Green left, green right, green head
Tags: aura, chakra, self-analysis
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