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Mr. Yasuda, I presume?

Roommate #1 has finally moved in. Actually, came in last night at around 1:30am or so....::shrugs:: I think he just flew in from Osaka, Japan last night - that prolly explains why he moved in at a fairly odd hour. (Good thing I was still up waiting for my fiancee' to get off of work. Had I been asleep, it would have been freaky hearign someone pounding on the door, and then moving around in my bedroom...) I can definitely sympathise with him, cuz I know it was rough for me when I was headed in the opposite direction. Completely lost, and half a day's worth of jet lag is hard to get used to, especially since you're crossing the IDL along the way.

Yuki's a real nice guy. Doesn't speak English all that well, so we have to talk around in circles sometimes before he understands. New student, so he's full of questions and I'm tryin to help the boy out any way that I can. Real nice fella though.

Kinda makes me homesick in an odd way. Since he's actually from Japan (as opposed to simply being of Japanese descent), all of the things that he's packed are Japanese. I know, I see a few words of it here and there on T-shirts or on the Anime that I watch, but it brings back memories seeing all of his belongings. Nothing all that abnormal about most of them aside from the language in which they're written and occasionally their size, but to me it really stands out as I was completely immersed into the Japanese way of life for a month or so.

Looks like on a person-to-person level, we're gonna work out fine. Though I am looking forward to seeing his expression when he walks in and I'm watching a Japanese music video countdown on the International Channel as I often do, or once I hang up all my wall decorations, or somethign similar. He already seemed pleasantly surprised when I greeted him with "Hajimimashete". ::smiles::

Bad thing is that he has less stuff than I brought. I dileberately brought as little as possible from home, cause I intend on being outta here by December. However, Yuki only brought two suitcases, mainly filled with clothes and toiletries and other small items. Kinda makes me want to rush home today and grab the microwave that I forgot and the TV & DVD players at the very least.

Oh well. In any case, I'm glad that my roomie finally showed up. It kinda sucked being up here completely alone. =P
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