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Live Action Sailor Moon, take 3(?)

Looks like there's about to be a live action Sailor Moon show airing in Japan. Thankfully, it's not the Disney-ed up US version that fell flat on it's ass or the Saban bastardization that still keeps me awake at night. ::shudders::

Here's the site. Too bad I don't speak Japanese. Yet. (Another site can be found here, that has a pic and writeup for each of the five Inner Senshi.)

Despite my better judgement, and the memories of how bad that promo for Saban's Sailor Moon ripoff, this adaptation looks fairly keen. Rumor has it that it's going to be "over the top", which it prolly the best way to do it. If it took itself too seriously I doubt it'd fare as well.

Anyway, feel free to check out the site if you're a closet moonie like myself, or just curious in general. Cute animations on the page, but I'm still browsing it for screenshots. Saw a color group pic, and if you click Rei-chan you'll end up on a bio page that features each character's mugshot. Looks interesting so far, to say the least. ^_^

Of course, the skeptic in me says that that it's got a pretty good chance of being as bad as the bombshells that we've narrowly missed. Even if it does turn out that way, two good things will come of it. Firstly, it's being shown overseas, and won't ruin the reputation of good Anime here in the States like the Saban one would have if it had ever aired on afternoon TV. Secondly, perhaps it will put Usagi and the gang back on the spotlight if nothing else. The Senshi kinda got bumped from first-name recognition once DBZ caught on over on Cartoon Network.

::crosses fingers and hopes for the best::
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