Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Bullet Time

  • 11:28 Happy Memorial Day, everyone. And THANK YOU to all the servicemen past and present who risk their lives to protect our freedom. #
  • 13:24 For those of you who were curious about what happened to my truck: #
  • 18:01 Why is it that every time I drop my guard, even for a moment, someone finds a chink in my armor and shanks me. #
  • 20:13 Huh. How's about that...OKCupid just ranked me as one of their best-looking guys on the site. #
  • 21:45 Watching Gankutsuou, and wondering if any high school kid ever mistakenly rented this to do a Monte Cristo book report. #
Tags: twitted
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