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I think I'm starting to get the hang of this...

I'm taking a quick break from my ECE 480 Lab assignment, and thought I'd play around with LJ for a while.

Turns out that there's bunches of neato-keen things you can do on here besides just make posts that no one cares about reading. I found out that there's an Admin panel hidden away somewhere on here. I stumbled across it by mere chance while perusing some FAQ's. I found out that there's a nifty ban_set command that can keep folks from posting responses in your journal. I was wondering if LJ let you do things like that, or if you simply had to make all of your posts Private in order to keep out the riff-raff. (Something you may want to look into, laura, in case you ever want to make your journals Public again, as with the ban_set command anyone can read your journal but banned users cannot reply to your entries). Turns out that there is another interesting command that can sort your friends into groups. I'd like to find out how to use that, but have been unable to do so at the moment. Maybe I'll try again this weekend, unless the storm has passed and I'm able to come home after all. ^_^

Also, I'm just now starting to figure out what these "community" things are - looks kinda neat. I tend to be a message board junkie, so provided that I can actually find a few of these groups that catches my interest, I may be logging onto this site more often in the near future. If any of you fellas out there know of any interesting groups, lemme know okay?

Guess that's all for now. Time to crack the whip and get back to work. I only hope my lab partners email me pretty soon - even I can't get all this work done by myself. ::sighs::
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