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Finally Made It.

First time I've been on the 'Net since T-town. Wierd.

Anyway, I'm too busy to talk. Still haven't even unpacked. Here's a brief to-do list for the rest of the week. If you're wondering what all I'm doing, just close your eyes and use your imagination. I'll post later with details. ^_^

1) Get in touch with potential Math tutor
2) Get UA to mail Transient Student info to USA
3) Register as USA student
4) Register for summer classes (after #2 is completed)
5) Unpack all of the boxes that are currently occupying 98% of my room
6) Post resume to,,, etc.
7) Drive to local computer/engineering/tech jobs and force them to at least take a copy of my resume (if only to be placed in the circular file moments after I leave)
8) Pick up applications from Auto Zone, WalMart, McDonalds, etc.
9) Drive to interviews with potential employers
10) Get in touch with doctors/neurologists/surgeons/etc to try to work on my back/neck
11) Drive a load of RJ's things back up to Tuscaloosa once he's in his new apartment
12) Set up CallWave so that we won't miss phone calls while I'm online working on #6
13) Try not to become horrendously depressed looking ahead to two rough classes, potentially no job, and a mountain's worth of bills

That's what my week's looking like so far. I'll post later with something more interesting. Even if I don't post much (which is almost a certainty, now that I'm on AOHell 28.8 dialup instead of my zippin' college connection), I'll still be lurking around readin everyone's journals, so don't think I've forgotten all about y'all. ::chuckles:: See ya then!
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