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No, not really. Don't even know what that means actually, just felt like saying it. ::shrugs:: How very Id-dey of me. =P

Still just packing. *Still*. Yes, I realize that I've officially been at this since my Exam ended at 11:00am. (Well, actually since 12:15pm after crashing on the bed for a quick power-nap, but who's counting?)

*Yawn* All I really want to do is go to sleep. Still haven't started on the kitchen or bathroom. Or the closets. Just now finished with my room. Except for the clothes. Bah.

After so many all-nighters studying, I'm now realizing that I'm about to pull an all-nighter packing of all things. I feel like a thief that's shoving loot into a burlap sack as quickly as possible so that I can escape before the cops corner me. That's sad. Really.

This hasn't been a good day on at least six or seven different levels. I'm drained physically, mentally, emotionally, and every other -ally that you can think of. After packing, I then have to fight for a cart and a spot on the elevator multiple times in order to load the truck. After loading the truck, I have to clean the apartment head-to-toe. After cleaning, I still have to drive five hours. Leaving tomorrow at 10:00am at the latest, else we all get fined. So, looks like my fun's only just getting started.

Lots of stuff to do, and not nearly enough Nash to go around. Guess my break's over - better get back to work. I'll post again probably Sunday night or Monday morning, after I'm back home and beginning to unpack.
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