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Yanno, I kinda feel like this dude here.

There's not much of a story to tell, really. I've been getting a bunch of things done already at work, and one of the managers of one of the other branches was in town today for some sort of sales meeting. Since the conference room was next to the server room, he popped his head in for a moment because he wanted to meet the new Network/Systems Administrator. Just wanted to put a face to the name, and to the voice that had been doing all that work remotely over the phone these past few weeks.

Only problem is, I was wearing my trademark shades as I so often do - even indoors. And since the new job requires so much remote assistance, I of course had my headset on as well as he had caught me between remote control sessions. Probably looked half cyborg, surrounded by tech as I peered over monitors at someone who had intruded upon my domain. Took a minute or two to pull loose all the cabling so he could actually "see the face" as he said he had wanted to do.

Meh. So, it's not much of a story for today. They all can't be Pulitzers. I thought it was a little amusing, at least, but perhaps you just had to be there.
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