Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Beans, beans, good for...

I wonder if this is foreshadowing things to come?

I visited my (great) aunt yesterday afternoon. I don't see her as often as I probably should, so it was great to get to see her. We had a lot of fun just sitting around, goofing off, despite the fact that my week's worth of not sleeping finally started to catch up to me just as soon as I stopped moving. Really, aside from worrying that she'd think I was bored or only wanted to see her as a holiday obligation, it was pretty horrible having to force yourself awake when you've been begging for sleep for weeks on end. But I did get her Christmas gift to her on time...or rather, on December 31st such that - technically - no one could say that I didn't give her a present this 'year'.

She must have called my (second) cousin after I left, commenting that I had come to visit and such. I was exhausted and planning on coming home for some sleep, then (hopefully) waking up before I'd get the inevitable texts where different groups of folks all wanted me to attend their shindig. Instead, my phone rang just as I was passing the street she lived on, so instead of talking I just made a swinging left turn and slid into her driveway instead.

What I had planned for a few hours of hanging out ended up turning into a drunken run up to the liquor store for more brandy, then drinking and goofing off with her and some of her friends till midnight. Don't know when, but somewhere along the way I abandoned all hope for sleep, but it's for the best. I really had a great time and it was nice to actually ring in the new year with friends for a change. Surely, just as soon as I counted on going off somewhere no one would call, and I didn't really want to leave those friends and family anyway.

Did make it to midnight. Didn't throw the doors open at twelve as much as everyone kind of crashed shortly afterwards. Wasn't at my place anyways so couldn't let the bad luck out of my apartment. Didn't let anything leave the house, of course, but I almost screwed up the main New Years tradition, and arguably, the only one that really matters.

I cannot stand beans. Absolutely loathe and despise them, and only eat one spoonful per year at most. Usually since I can't cook and wouldn't want more than the required spoonful anyway, I go out to some sit-down country diner to buy a plate of pork chops, greens, cornbread, and of course the black-eyed peas that are key. Only get a small side dish, and only because I absolutely have to. So much better than someone who hates cooking trying to boil up an entire pot of something he hates.

Got dressed up and headed out, but joy of all joys, they were out of the one single item I had went out exclusively to find. Still ate the traditional Southern dish, but without the peas I don't think it'd matter much. But all in all it was wasted money on a wasted trip since I only had that one goal in mind. Everyone else beat me to what I desired most, and I was left with nothing but the scraps. Neither is a tradition I hope to carry through the next 365 days.

Oh, and the service was terrible. On top of not having enough of the one thing they knew everyone would be ordering today, and the one thing I wanted, the waitress never came back by to refill my tea. Other people came by (eventually) to help me out there. I did see her again in passing, and once she asked if I needed anything but it was too late by then. She even forgot to give me my check...I waited longer on that than I did the entire rest of the meal. Other employees even offered to go find her for me, but when they couldn't they'd give me a refill, apologize, and then head back again to try to see where she was or if someone else could ring up a new ticket just so I could pay and leave. All this on top of the depression of having to eat alone in the first place. Needless to say I was less than thrilled.

Target was across the street, so I finally just said fuckitall. I stopped to buy myself a new flashlight for the upcoming ghost-hunting trips, so I decided to buy an entire sack of those damned beans. I'd spend an hour or so trying to cook that horrible brownish/purple mush and end up with enough to feed an entire family, but sometimes you just got to do what you gotta do.

So guess who didn't have a single fucking bean left in the store?

Yeah. Strike Two. Looked as bare as the shelves right before a major hurricane. I was about to leave, dejected, resigning myself to the fate of an entire year with shitty luck. Was about to toss my flashlight aside and just walk out without even paying for anything. But dammit! I wasn't ready to admit defeat. There were other beans and peas there - not too many, but several bags lying around and pushed off to one side or another. Northern beans, kidney beans, lima beans...enough to make me wanna gag. But! Somewhere amidst all of that I found one, single bag of overpriced "chili beans", which had 16 different bean varieties contained therein. And one of them were the black-eyed peas that I so desperately needed.

Fine. Whatever. Paid for them and left, only to have to go home and sort out the ones I wanted from the other 15 varieties. Got tired of sorting in almost no time at all, and still didn't have enough to cook up. Not that I'd know how to cook them to begin with, or if it's even possible to try with such a small amount as what I had.

So. Still not willing to admit defeat I just ate the damned things raw. First I tried swallowing them like good luck pills, but as that took forever I just turned the bowl sideways and poured 'em in, crunching away at them like some kind of very disgusting hard candy.

I had to work for my luck this year, dammit. Don't know if that means I'll be lucky since I did what I was supposed to, or if I'll have to spend the entire year trying to create my own luck - fighting for it as I had done tonight.

But I won, dammit. If nothing else if was my way of saying not to fuck with me 'cause I'm gonna find a way to succeed no matter how impossible the situation may be.
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