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One Down, Too Many to Go...

Today's Final went surprisingly well. Either that or I didn't notice just how bad I bombed it due to sleep deprevation. I'm getting too old for this... ::chuckles:: No really though, I had time to fully answer all of the problems but one that I was stuck on at the very end, and I got 80% of that one done. It's rare to say that about these Senior level exams. Even more rare is the fact that several of them I'm sure I got 100% correct - unless I bit hard on a trick question, theres a few of them that I'm absolutely sure I got right. Good thing to, because two of the homework assignments in that class didn't get turned in due to miscommunication between group members. I havce a good feeling about it though, and even without a scale I'm thinking I have well above the 70 I need to pass. Rough guess is a C+, but I suppose that's still not worth bragging about...heh.

Anyway, since my last post I studied, studied, studied some more, and then went out with Jason, Karen, Dylan, and RJ to go eat out and watch the new X-men movie for Jason's B-day. Despite being shown at the Ghetto Six (which is only slightly better than showing an 8mm home movie on a bedsheet tacked up to the wall), the uber-coolness of the movie more than made up for it. My favorite part (spoiler free, for those of you who haven't seen it) are all the small easter eggs and cameos by other X-characters. Just like in the first one, if you watch hard enough you could catch a glimpse of Jubilee and other mutants. The bad thing about this one is that I knew the ending of X2/beginning of X3 ever since the second line of the movie. Not that it's a huge plot twist, a'la Fight Club or "I see dead people" or anything, but anyone who has ever done more than just casually flip through an X-title will already know what is about to happen. That being said though, it was still very enjoyable all in all. A must see, even if you're not a huge comic book fan.

After that we all went out to a late supper at IHOP (despite Waffle House being superior in every way, shape, and form). Lots of fun, talking about everything geek-oriented such as X-men to other comics to D&D and the like. Refreshing change of pace from the way-too-serious world of Engineering. After that, I had to make up lost time on my work. Plan was originally to eat before the movie, and having to do so afterwards kinda put an extra cramp on my study schedule. In a related story, I really like NoDoz. Thanks again, Laura, for keeping me awake long enough for it to kick in.

Today's studying isn't going so well, but the Exam isn't until noon tomorrow. Still got some time tonight, as well as a few hours in the AM. Statistics is more difficult to study for than my Computer Engineering class. In that one, I can study source code, schematics, timing diagrams, waveforms, tables, figures, and the like. In Stats (as with most all Math-oriented classes), it's nothing but looking at a bunch of greek symbols bunched up together. If the symbols are familliar to you it's difficult but possible. If they are not, then you're plumb out of luck. Also, there isn't much you can do but look over the various theorems if you want to study. Ain't gonna stop me from trying anyway.

Well, break time's over - gotta get back to the books. I'll post again whenever there's something more interesting to talk about than my deep-rooted hatred for Mathematics.
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