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Nash is Back

Yes, yes, I'm still alive. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. ::chuckles::

There's lots that went on since last time - a bunch of great dates with lavender_moon, our family getting a new puppy (a bulldog named "Bama"), and so on. Lots of things that y'all missed, but to sum them up things were good in general. As always, there's the ever-present stress of classes and graduating on time and finding summer employment and finding permanent employment afterwards and the like, but otherwise things were good.

Dead Week begins this week here on campus. It's called "Dead Week" because the campus is supposed to be slow and lifeless - none of the classes are allowed to have projects or homework or tests or anything. That way it gives the kids a chance to study before Finals hit, as well as a slight break for a week. That's the theory at least. In reality, the last day of classes is Friday, so *everyone* is desperate to get one more grade in. Students call it "Dead Week" because they would rather be dead. More often than not, I've spent this week pulling consecutive all-nighters with my only break being the walk between one class or project meeting to another.

This year, I've been relatively lucky. I'm taking only one CS class, and the rest are all Math classes of various types. Though that's a very difficult scedule and by no means "easy", Math classes don't have projects or programs or assignments. Some don't even have homework. Though extremely difficult, all you are required to do is show up for the test to get your grade. This is a shock to me. While the tests certainly are difficult (very much so), that is only one day's worth of effort. After that hour is over, the test is done and over with. Unlike CS classes, where you have to spend multiple hours per week programming and attending team meetings and writing technical reports and working on various other projects. Even this year's CS class is one concentrating on algorithm and theory, rather than programming. Long story short, this year's Dead Week for the first time is a breeze. No programs. No projects. No team meetings. No *anything*. I'm very pleased, to say the least. I really needed a break. ::smiles::

That's it for my update/current events post. This week will be spent resting up, studying for Finals, and perhaps watching X2 on Friday. I need to stop and buy a present for Jason's birthday also. Besides that, the rest of the time will be spent packing boxes and getting ready to move back home. I'll probably update later on with more as it develops. ^_^
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