Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Writer's Block: All Dressed Up

Describe your all-time favorite outfit.

Important qualifier: For me or on someone else?

Main reason I ask is because I really could give a damn about what I'm wearing. As long as nothing's hanging out that I could get arrested for, I'm straight. But I've got some very discerning tastes about things I like seeing the lovely ladies in.

Guys are just grungy and uninteresting, so male fashion uninterests me more than a means to cover nudity and provide warmth. And being from the South, shirts and shoes are optional unless you're going out so a pair of shorts and you're pretty much set. No need to stay warm when the temperature regularly gets over a hundred degrees and lots of skin can show before anyone gets too upset. But the female form is one of the most marvelous and beautiful things ever designed, and the various outfits that girls sometimes wear to accentuate these natural gifts are very pleasing to the eye. It's not unlike the colorful wrappings and delicate bows making a gift even more precious than it otherwise would be.

It doesn't hurt matters that women as a whole are more often than not concerned about their outward appearance far more than most men, and therefore women's outfits are often more interesting and varied as well. I do not mean that to be a sexist remark, though if there is any gender bias there it's that men too often "let themselves go" while women still work out regularly, diet, exercise, and maintain their health as best they're able. More admirable for women I'd say than any slam on them for being outwardly vain. And the point still stands that men's fashion is pretty much restricted to pants and either a polo or button-down shirt...not a whole lot else you can do, aside from adding a jacket when it's cold.

But, I'm beginning to ramble, as I'm sometimes prone to do. If favorite outfits is the topic of the day, give me until the weekend and perhaps I shall return with plenty of shots of some very nice outfits I've captured on film from Dragon*Con. That'll be far more entertaining than any silly story that I could write about here.
Tags: short skirts rule, writer's block

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