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Icon post!

I'm posting this for no other reason than to show off a new icon that I snagged from this collection of similar "team" icons.

I really couldn't help myself. It seems that of all the things that split the fandom, now that the sub vs. dub question was rendered useless by the advent of DVD language options, the "Seiya vs. Mamoru" debate over who'd make the best suitor for Usagi seems to be the biggest split among Sailor Moon fans. I usually bow out of such arguments, but now that I have this icon I can see myself jumping into them a little more often just to throw everyone off guard. ;)

I almost feel like a traitor for having this icon, though, since I'm more of a Minako/Rei fanboy, but based on the anime Rei and Usagi made a good couple and I did ship them for years before I got into the manga and long before the glory of PGSM ever became a reality. And since the focus is on "Who's best for Usagi" specifically, I think it's quite awesome that someone actually thought enough to toss Hino Rei-sama into the mix.

(Of course, there's a few others in there as well. One that's shipping "Serena and Darrien" for people too dumb to know who Usagi is, and another mocking the truly obsessive fans who don't seem to care about anyone who's not Haruka or Michiru in season S...a disturbing majority, I'm afraid. But still a fun icon post to check out - feel free to snag a flag for your favorite "team", whoever that might be.)
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