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Scope Crawl: An Example

I wanted some chocolate milk.

It was a simple enough request: I just wanted some chocolate milk. I had a rough week. Even though it was a short week, I've had a rough several weeks and a simple pleasure like that was just the thing I needed to help me unwind. A nice, cool glass of milk. Ahh. Refreshing.

But the jug was almost empty. Dammit. No one to blame but myself when the glass was not half empty, but barely filled a quarter of the way up when I emptied the jug. seemed like it was more when it was still in the gallon container.

Well, that was hardly a good sip. Hardly satisfying at all. But I do happen to have mudslide mix in the cabinet? It's close enough, I suppose.

So I crack open that bottle and start to read the instructions. But for mixed drinks they don't really have single-serve portions...if you're breaking out the blender you're not tossing in two ice cubes and making a single serving, you're whipping up drinks for several. And, too lazy to do math that involves unit conversions and fractions, I end up just making an entire pitcher full.

But of course, this being a relatively girly mixed drink that I was primarily keeping on hand for friends of the cuter and curvier persuasion, I couldn't just sit around and sip it as it was so I had to triple the alcohol content at least before it met my own high standards for quality.

So, here I am. Drinking an entire pitcher full of what's mostly rum with just enough chocolate and coffee to give the it some flavor as frozen liquor slides down my throat.

And all I really wanted was a glass of milk.

These things happen, I suppose.
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