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Hey Yo! Survey Time!

Only one month away now. Bout time for some football! Not much longer now before all you'll hear are cries of "Roll Tide" and...well, that other one. You know, those idiots across the state that are Tigers fans but show up for the game and inexplicably cheer for the Eagles instead? What a bunch of retards...

Anyways, everyone already knows who everyone else is rooting for by now. If not, then you just ain't paying good attention. So, what I'm curious about is who you're picking for this year's NCAA Cinderella story, the big BCS-buster that comes out of nowhere and screws everything up by upsetting everyone and having a perfect season even though no one ever gave them half a chance. Should make for some fun discussion...especially since every suggestion should raise some eyebrows for everyone else.

Can't wait to see what everyone thinks. And can't wait one more month to actually see the first kickoff of the season!
Tags: football, survey time
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