Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

From Twitter 08-09-2009

  • 11:45:05: @RPocase Warning: It doesn't. Good luck, pal.
  • 13:28:50: I think I kind of needed to see something like this today.
  • 14:18:53: What's this? A theatrical release of a new Studio Ghibli film coming out next week? Think I just might have to go check that one out.
  • 14:25:33: @RPocase Looks like the dub, based on the commercial I just saw. Lots of American A-list talent lending their voices to the project.
  • 19:20:56: A quote from today's horoscope: "Today you are a spiritual as a NASCAR race gone bad." Sadly, I can relate.
  • 23:12:02: Specters from the past still haunt me. This was not a good weekend for memories.

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