Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

From Twitter 08-07-2009

  • 06:37:45: RT @JeremyBorash Was really proud of Clinton until I heard he tried to "negotiate his own release" with the 2 journalists on the flight back
  • 12:27:28: What a difference a day makes. Right now its like I'm the true master of my own domain. I feel like Tank from the Matrix, or at least Dozer.
  • 12:56:14: Think I might go check out the G.I.Joe movie and see if it's any good. Because knowing is half the battle. (And the other half is VIOLENCE!)
  • 13:05:33: Just cranked the rock station on the TV up super-loud for a kickass song...just in time for the weekly scheduled emergency alert test. FAIL.
  • 17:42:29: I'm such a geek. Just named what will soon be the main server in our entire company "Mars". Now fighting off the urge to alias her "Reichan"
  • 18:10:35: As my screenname suggests, I'm both a wrestling and anime fan. But maybe they both don't work out so well at the same time?
  • 20:38:13: Shocking new celebrity sex tape released:
  • 22:06:08: Was about to plug in the next DVD of GetBackers when I saw Iron Chef's credits roll. Anime, or the Invincible Men of Culinary Skill? Hmm...
  • 22:08:50: Oh. Nevermind. It's a Kobe episode. I was worried I would be faced with a tough decision there for a moment... XD;

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