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I'm happy. And not just because this is the first day in a while that I woke up without being either sick or in immense pain from my neck/spinal injuries. I came in here to log onto a few websites before I started on all the homework that I kinda neglected while I was feeling so ill, and you know what was sitting there by my keyboard?

POCKY!! (Click to zoom in)


I love this stuff. Got hooked on it three years ago when I was taking summer classes in Tokyo. Problem is, you can't find the stuff around here. About the only way that I know of to get any of it is to order it from overseas through a place like J-List, so I've had all of like one box in the past three years. I dunno why thespacecow got some for me - it's not like it's my birthday or a holiday or anything, really - but it was really cool of him to do that. Thanks again, RJ! ^_^
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