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Writer's Block: Two Truths and a Lie

Post two truths and a lie about yourself as an answer to Writer's Block. Have people guess which is the lie in the comments.

All right. I'm game.

1) I punched a opposing team's mascot before a college football game, knocking him flat on his ass in front of the entire visitor's section.
2) I once threw rancid, raw, bloody meat at a vegetarian until she puked.
3) I had to get my friends to bail me out one time after I propositioned an undercover cop I thought was a hooker.

Have fun with that. :)

(I wanted to toss something in there about "once thinking I was a Norse god", but I couldn't think of exactly how to phrase it and it would have been pretty obvious anyways. That whole thing was kind of recent, after all...)
Tags: meme, writer's block
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