Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 07:23:22: Today is a day for a few tequila shots, a long nap, maybe vegging out with some video games. Too bad it's Friday...not quite the weekend yet
  • 09:42:27: There is only so many times I can be wronged before I start taking it personal.
  • 13:30:50: Suspicions abound. Perhaps it's nothing, but paranoia has kept me alive thus far.
  • 13:54:09: Happy System Administrator's Day. Go show your IT guy some love. Trust me - it don't happen often. #sysadminday
  • 13:56:42: Amusing side note: as I was looking up a silly video to post in that last update, I got an emergency call from the office on my lunch break.

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