Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Bush's Address to the Nation

Good job, I'd say. He made a clear case for his side, and gave plenty of facts to support his arguments. Most wars do not have UN backing. We have the ability to wage war on anyone whom we believe to be a danger. Specifically, there are two resolutions still in effect that permit us to use millitary action against Iraq. The now famous resolution 1441 was unanimously voted on, and Iraq failed to comply. Congress approved the President back in the fall, giving him their concent to go to war. Yet, instead of starting the war then, he spent nearly 5 months in the UN trying to gather support. Even now, he has given Saddam 48 hours to go into exile before the bombs drop. We are not in this alone - there's nearly three dozen countries with us that are giving up support. Not verbal support, but material support in the way of weapons, soldiers, equiptment, and so on. Perhaps most importantly, he reiterated how he had no intentions of hurting the Iraqi people, only the military. Even as far as the military is concerned, he said that they were after Saddam - if the millitary did not try to fight back, they wouldn't fight them either. They just want to remove Saddam from power such that Iraq can be disarmed. Bush has done everything in his power to solve this without a war. Now there are no more options left, and it looks like there's 47:30 left on the clock before the war begins.

As far as Iraq's millitary is concerned? Three of our tanks took out 47 of theirs in the last Gulf War. They are an underequipped group of fighters with little to no morale. While some will fight until the end, several don't want to fight at all. To prove this point, a group of soldiers *already* tried to surrender to British forces during a live fire exercise. I'm hoping that Operation Shock and Awe goes according to plan, and this whole thing will be over in a week or two. I think our troops outnumber theirs somewhere on the order of 5:1 if I'm remembering correctly...hopefully we'll be able to go in there and make things right, and not drag this thing out any longer than it has been already.
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