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Drop the Bombshell

I've been debating various aspects of the upcoming Iraq war for a while now over on the SilverSenshi forums, so I don't really feel like making a long, drawn out post here about what I believe and why I believe it, et cetra. Plenty of time for all that later. However, as it's now all but official I feel that I should post at least a little something. I'll add my two cents later on (when I don't have quite so much homework or am feeling quite so sick). For now, I just thought I'd link to an excellent post by miwasatoshi concerning why America is going to war, as well as an entry from the oftheday community.

Reasons for War

Thoughts on Peace (kind of a continuation of the first post)

Pro-War Propoganda of the Day (humorous pics from a pro-war rally, as well as some interesting quotes)
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