Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

From Twitter 07-11-2009

  • 00:14:29: While @mikethemiz is awesome, @IAmJericho still is the paragon of virtue and the role model. So far he's winning the Tweetwar hands-down.
  • 08:43:08: Watching X-Men: Evolution and one girl just called Wolverine "Badger" by mistake. Somehow this makes me miss @killingedge - long story.
  • 16:12:31: Watching a Kurt Cobain documentary.
  • 18:05:37: If they're seriously going to make an ASTEROIDS movie, you kind of have to wonder what might be next?
  • 21:57:41: Fuck Jimmie Johnson...this is still Mark's race to win.
  • 22:05:59: Caution...restart, and...FUCK YEAH! Martin on the inside for the lead!
  • 22:10:25: KYLE BUSH IN THE WALL! =D
  • 22:11:18: I know he's been having trouble all night, but those are still the most beautiful words in the English language next to "Touchdown, Alabama"
  • 22:20:14: Top 15 finish for Dale. Meh, guess it's pretty good all things considering. Junior's gotta pick up the pace, though...
  • 23:46:30: I was watching the race but heard that a pro 'rassler just beat some serious ass in UFC tonight. What, no jokes about those "fake" athletes?

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