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Drunken Anime Night

Somehow, lots of booze makes the bright lights and super-fast action and, yes, the gratuitous fan service Anime is known for all the more fun.

But...was I drinking too much last night, or after watching the first disk of Gankutsuou did every single character just seem to want a nice hot dicking? When the first character we saw at the carnival was a slutty aristocrat babe, I made a lewd comment but thought nothing more. Then for all the other male leads that followed...WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE WARN ME THAT THIS WAS A YAOI SERIES?!?!

Though in defense, a friend pointed out that this was about a book about a bunch of Frenchmen. I really shouldn't be surprised if they're all acting like a bunch of effeminate pansies.

I threatened to immediately watch YamiBou, one of my favorite yuri series, to make up the difference. It was something of a joke, but in an appreciated coincidence nonetheless, I woke up to find that the latest issue of Girl Friends had been translated and released this morning. Awesome. And as usual, the couple there's just too amazing, but I'm thinking that I'm starting to hate Morinaga for what this series is doing to me. Either I don't understand women and relationships at all - no surprise to anyone, really - or it's just so frustrating to see how all these complications keep coming up just when things start to get good. And now I gotta wait another two months for the next two dozen pages. Grrrr.

Enough geekery. Caught up on LJ posts and emails and twits and everything else, so I guess I'll either watch some of the movies piling up on my DVR or go hunt down the rest of the install discs I need to get my computer back to installing the rest of my programs.
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