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Blarg. I feel too sick to go to class. Already cut my first one cause I was too nauseated to even move. If I leave now, I can still make the other three though, even if that's the absolute last thing I want to do right now. Oh well, no rest for the weary or the otherwise miserable.

It's so hard to motivate yourself to go to class when your ill. Especially when you know that the entire lecture is already posted to the internet for all of your classes. Hell, I might just stay here and read PowerPoint slides from the discomfort of my own dormroom. Thought the College of Engineering is the hardest one on campus, I suppose it does have it's benefits. ::chuckles::

To keep this from being a completely worthless post, go check out the newest issue of Aikida. Pretty damn funny, or at least it was in my opinion. Maybe not as funny as the Terry Tate one from a few days earlier, but it's still great.
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