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Yeah, it's that hot.

Heat index has been around 105°F for the past week or so. People say "it's not the heat, it's the humidity." WRONG. It's the heat and the humidity, stupid. Though us locals are used to it. Not really even noticeable...I wouldn't have cared, really, if the weatherman hadn't have made a point of telling me about it. Pretty much like this every summer.

But I always get so amused by the earthworms. Apparently it's so damned hot that they crawl up out of the ground looking for some kind of relief. Guess they just can't breathe down there. So they wriggle on up for some air. They make it up to the grass okay, but just as soon as they try to crawl across the sidewalk it's like stepping out onto a hotplate and they instantly curl up and begin to fry. So I'm walking down the sidewalk, between buildings, and as I'm strolling along there's dozens of these curled up baked little worm-balls all sprawled out across the walkway like it was a damned battlefield. XD

Sometimes the silliest things amuse me.
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