Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Bullet Time

  • 00:08 National Parkour Day was Saturday. Kind of busy w/the wedding, but I did pull off an underbar at the church on the way to the parking lot. #
  • 11:42 Listening to J-Pop rather than my usual Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and other such grungey sounds. Need a nice, happy, peppy pick-me-up #
  • 17:23 Yet another weekend draws to a close. Why do I not feel more rested? I need these days to recuperate and gather my strength. #
  • 21:56 Truck tried to break down on the way home. Came home to a computer crash. Could my life be any more fun right now? #
  • 22:04 On the plus side, with all this positive karma I'm building up I'll be dating a supermodel by week's end. #
Tags: twitted
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