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I just realized a new pet peeve of mine. (I know, I know...add it to the list...)

Last night, I was watching hockey. The Marines sponsored something, the way companies and businesses usually do. Some kind of award or statistic or in-game graphic, something like "Warrior of the Game" or something like that. I was slightly amused, thinking that if the Marine Corps were to sponsor anything it probably would be hockey. Saw the same thing today watching NASCAR. The Army's sponsoring the "Battle Cam" that focuses in on really intense action on the track where two cars are fighting for position.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a little bit inane?

On one hand, though those are branches of the military and not businesses per se, I suppose they run themselves like any other sort of organization. They have funding, they need to draw business, they worry about advertising and should be allowed the same chances to pay for commercial sponsorship as anyone else. It's no different than that same thing being called the McDonald's "Big Mac of the Race" or whatever.

But on the other...this seems to belittle the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make for our country. Doubly so at a time like this where we're actively involved in two wars and have general unrest in places like Israel, North Korea, and so forth. Having the fucking UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS calling somebody a "warrior" deeply insults me as an American. These guys are playing a GAME. They aren't warriors, they're players, making millions of dollars doing what most people do for fun and entertainment. I know they're tough. I know they work hard. I won't even begrudge them their vastly overinflated paychecks on this one. But a warrior, they ain't.

We all use words like "battle", "fight, and "war" somewhat loosely. If I call the afternoon commute a "war zone", no one would think much of it other than it was a rather rough and stressful trip. Possibly even dangerous, surrounded by reckless drivers or the smoking remains of previous accidents that had already taken place. But when the U.S. Army says things like that, from their unique perspective it seems to take on a whole new meaning. NASCAR isn't war. It's dangerous, even deadly. Not something to be taken lightly for sure. But driving a stock car around a track isn't the same as trying to drive a HumVee through enemy territory while taking fire. THAT's a battle. And for the Army to talk about a race in those same terms seems just a little asinine to me.
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