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Running Man

Needed to blow off some pent-up stress, and I've been woefully neglecting the treadmill as of late. Hit the gym for the first time in WAY too long, and it showed. I knew it'd be bad as I haven't really been out there since sometime in early February (I think), and the parenthetical there shows just how bad my lapse in training had gotten as of late. But I planned to take it reason to rush into things, and I didn't feel like tearing myself up trying to make up for lost time.

I also had two other reasons to take it easy. Firstly, I had ordered a pair of Superfeet insoles. Brand new ones, so not broken in yet of course. So as fantabulous as they're supposed to be they're going to be murder on my feet the first couple of miles. Secondly I've been watching a new coaching video I had gotten for my birthday (another shameful reminder of how long it's been) but haven't had a chance to put to use yet. If I'm able to do this right, that coaching is going to help re-teach me how to run, though it'll be somewhat awkward the first few times until I can re-learn the new movements and practice them until they become natural. Rather than clod-hopping along at my normal pace, stomping around in uncomfortable new insoles, I thought I'd grab a few quick miles at a slower pace to help break in the new shoes and the new style of running.

Good news and bad news. I managed to pound out the first mile without any effort at all. Didn't even hardly break a sweat, though by the end of it I'll admit I was having to focus on my cadence to keep me on task. One two three, one two three, one two three. Hit it at around the fifteen minute mark, which I suppose ain't bad considering the poor shape I'm in, though I also have to take into consideration this was a treadmill at 0% incline in an air-conditioned gym and not hot pavement on an Alabama roadside.

Bad news is even after taking a break I crashed early into mile two. Jogged or walked off and on the rest of the way, with a few sprints here and there. And I didn't push myself to even attempt a mile three. And I don't know if this is good or not...but I still wasn't winded at all. Lungs were just fine. Muscles weren't tired. Main thing that stopped me was just pain in my feet...the pain in my soles will go away once I break in the new insoles. The rest were tendons and other connectey-bits around the ankle. That's the only part that really concerns me, as I've never had much problem with that before and not sure what I can do to improve that part.

But if nothing else, now I'm officially getting back started now. And I know where I'm at. I know where I'm starting from, know what I can do, and even know where a problem of mine lies. Just need to keep it up and keep going from here.
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