Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Bullet Time

  • 17:09 Epic ass was kicked at 4:58pm. Crisis averted. Still had a buck thirty to spare. DAMN I'm good. #
  • 22:25 Ah, Final Fight. Its so much fun to watch six thugs surround you, all armed with molotov cocktails and all blowing each other to smithereens #
  • 22:28 Of all the ambushes in history, the "let's murder everybody on the screen EXCEPT the guy we want to kill" one has got to be best and worst. #
  • 23:12 And to think I used to scoff at this game, thinking it absurd that a Pro Rassler just so happened to be a major government figure. Silly me. #
  • 23:23 Crazy, no, INSANE idea of the moment: I think I might do the Azalea Trail Run next year. #
  • 00:02 No, I clearly am insane. If the 10k ATR is next year, then maybe I could try an 8k in a few months. Or, hey, there's a 2k in a few weeks? #
Tags: twitted
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