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Good News

Mom's surgery went okay. Despite just coming out of surgery and the drugs wearing off, she still says that she feels much better now than she did just two days ago. Also, they were able to remove the cysts through the three tiny holes that they poked in her to get the camera and tools down in there for the exploratory surgery. If it was really bad, they'd have to pull out the camera, dig a deep gash into her, and then operate like normal. However, since the cysts haven't spread to any other organs or anything, they were able to snip the bad part off and bring it out through the holes already there.

She's already at home, re-doping herself back up and crashing in my bed (because it's the only non-waterbed in the house). She has to stay off of her feet for the next two days, and for a week or two after that she still isn't supposed to do any strenuous activity, but otherwise she'll be okay.

Hardest thing now is to remind her that the doctors said for her not to be left alone for the next two or three days. Mom hates folks being around when she feels bad, but the doctors' said that she needed someoen there to fetch things for her and make sure she didn't more around much. =P
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