Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Bullet Time

  • 15:25 At 1:59pm, buddy ordered two of the same thing at the drive-thru, but his was $1.50 more than mine. Apparently lunch specials end at 2pm. XD #
  • 16:25 This amuses me greatly: makes IE8 incompatibility list! #
  • 21:19 Just had a surprisingly intellectual convo with an out-of-towner in a bar. Flatteringly I was dubbed the single smartest person in Alabama. #
  • 21:22 I had to skip church because I couldnt figure out the etiquette. Can I go straight there after barhopping? How many drinks can I have first? #
  • 21:27 Had my 1st Starbucks today. "Coffee" wasnt on the menu so I asked for something random. Tasted like creamy, bitter hot cocoa. I dont get it. #
  • 22:02 @RJCantrell Might try that. But when I can get the same damn thing in the break room for free, I still dont see why I should spend $5 a cup. #
  • 22:58 Tonight's Bullrun: "There's a team from Alabama this year? AWESOME!"
    Fifteen minutes later: "Wait, they're from AUBURN? Well, fuck that!" #
Tags: twitted
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