Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be...

It's probably not that odd in the grand scheme of things. I recall turning down the 8-bit MIDI file goodness of my FFI cartridge to rock out to Metallica's "Black Album" rather than whatever garbage they had playing in the Temple of Fiends.

In that case it actually felt thematically more appropriate. But it seems a little odd to me how now I'm playing a used copy of Final Fantasy X-2, the main plot of which seems to involve pretty girls changing clothes for me into a variety of cute and sometimes revealing little outfits. And instead of listening to whatever J-poppy, peppy, happy high-octane dance number YuRiPa's posing for on stage, I've got Courtney Love in the background drowning all that out instead.

*chuckles* Oh, and this song in particular fits the game rather well. This is just perfect. XD

Never mind me. Was just listening to the Nirvana channel and this popped on. (Though really, when you pick an artist on there why do other artists start playing? I've never understood that...) Going to go back to my multitasking now with my chatting and music listening and video game playing and working remotely on updating stuff at the office. Not really much worth posting about, I suppose, but I was just amused at the extreme clash in two of my interests, especially when chick grunge rock accidentally synched up with magical girl transformation sequences. Insert amused smirk here.
Tags: musc, music, video games
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