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Ten Hours Later...

Seriously. Isn't the world fixed yet? I'M WAITING, MR. PRESIDENT.

But really. I watched the news up until everyone waved goodbye to the helicopter taking Bush off into the sunset (a beautiful sight), but saw no need to watch the hours and hours...and hours...of coverage since that time. I did keep an ear on it while I did other things, however, as today is a very important day in American history.

And accusations of racism be damned, I got to ask it. Are the major news networks running out of famous black people to talk to? MLK III, I understand. But now it's almost midnight their time. They're down to the B-list talent now and it's showing. And while the historical significance of the first African-American President truly is staggering, isn't there a lot more going on here as well?

Race never really came into play during the election, yet it's the one and only thing people can talk about during the inauguration. And while it really is an important historical milestone, I can think of far more important things that could be discussed than asking any black guy you can find the exact same question of if you thought this would ever happen in our lifetimes.
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