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Four More Days! Four More Days!

In fifty years, everyone will ask me where I was on the day that Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. And this is what I should tell them:

I attended one of the Inauguration Parties held in town by some local Democratic group, even though that puts me at risk of exposure to extremist liberal douchebags
I threw a shindig of my own, inviting fair-minded Independents for more reasonable discussion in my cramped little apartment and at my own expense
I took the day off to celebrate such a historic event, watching the momentous occasion in the peace and quiet of my own home via nationally televised coverage and internet newsfeeds

Truth be told, I'm leaning towards each of the three. Laziness pulls me towards the latter, though that's a habit that I'm trying to break. Though it would be the easiest, the most comfortable, and my intellectual side would have the most exposure to the news by being able to fully flip between all the major news networks and internet sites at will without distraction. I really should attempt the first, though, as that would be the most social and the most memorable way to celebrate. But those most willing to celebrate would be those I had the least in common with. Also if all it ends up being is watching the same CNN broadcast, I could do so at home from my recliner just as easily as I could standing in the middle of a group of strangers, struggling to view over someone else's shoulders.

The most ideal solution would be the middle road, the compromise between the two extremes. However, this is the most difficult to accomplish. I have to plan out what to do in this kind of a party, which is unlike any kind of party I've thrown before as mostly it's just sitting around and watching the news. My apartment isn't too bad but it's not really built for hosting...I can fit two comfortably or three tops on the couch, and I got three bar stools but after that it's standing room only. Then there's the financial expense of food and drinks and non-televised entertainment. And then there's the question of who to invite...Mobile's too full of hardcore McCain supporters for the most part, so hard to find Obama fans at all much less true Independents. So it's really either Democrats or bust as far as that goes, and with most of the world working on Tuesday I'm begging and therefore can't be choosing.

I'll leave it to the jury to decide. Or, I'll just be conflicted and undecided and stay at home because I can't decide, inaction being the decision in and of itself. *shrug*
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