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Creativity is not always such a good thing

Had a migraine last night. Bad one where it kind of knocked me out from the pain. Not sure if my exploding brain was responsible or not, but something was going on because I just had a Scrubs/Sailor Moon crossover dream of all things.

I don't remember much, and I have no clue why the Sailor Senshi would speak to me of all people. Doubly so because they were in their civilian forms but referred to themselves by their planets. But apparently, Usagi did something clumsy and comically got Luna squashed. So, for lack of a more suitable replacement, I gave her Rowdy to be her new power animal. And then, one by one, each of the girls came up to me begging me to get them their own dead stuffed dog companion. (Given the trouble Carla went through finding the first replacement for Turk and J.D. that one time, it's a wonder where I happened to find a dozen identical dogs so easily...)

That was pretty much it. No sudden appearances by the mysterious Tuxedo Janitor - I was pretty much the only guy, getting all the attention. But I guess that dream was weird enough already?
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