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Palin 2012?

Fox News says so. Discussing hopefully and inferring heavily at the very least.

Funny considering that her name only popped up once on CNN who said that she was a phenomenon that'd immediately go from a media sensation to a wilting wallflower in a few short days. Their words there, not my own. Her name was hardly a footnote as they discussed where the GOP goes from here. Very stark contrast from the Fox headlines that she'll remain on the national stage and isn't going anywhere any time soon.

However, MSNBC's currently discussing the future of the GOP as well, and 33% of people they polled say that she should be the new leader of the Republican party (as opposed to 20% for Mitt Romney and a few others barely in the double-digits).

And yes, I actually have been sitting here the entire day juggling between various newscasts soaking in as much information as I can. While I admit that a small part of me wants to celebrate, I also can appreciate the historical significance of the Obama win not only to American history but the history of the world. Moreover, while the big and showy election has now concluded, the real news starts today. Cabinet picks. Transitional plans. The first hundred days in office. All the change that has been promised us for the entire campaign. Winning was the easy part...what really matters are the four years that begin immediately afterward.
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