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I realize that the Heart of Dixie is as Red as it gets, but...

Dear Alabama,

You know how much I love you. I've defended you against the scorns and mockery of others, and am as proud as can be to be your native son. But while we are not nearly as backward as many would like to believe...I do understand that many of my brethren vote along party lines without so much as a second thought. They are hard-working blue-collar Southerners that place more emphasis on their families and their neighborhoods and communities than things on the national stage, and vote Republican because they always have. Many cling tightly to one issue...such as gun rights or abortion...and this alone makes the decision for them without serious thought as to the many other issues or other qualities that our next leader must have and hold to succeed.

And, while I am not proud this, there are more than a few who would let race, rather than reason, make the most important decision of our generation for you. Only eight years ago, an archaic line in our ancient state Constitution which forbade interracial marriages was repealed with a vote of 52/48 percent. And I seem to recall a famous incident at the Schoolhouse Door. A few sort years ago, I could see that schoolhouse from my bedroom window every morning as I woke, a constant reminder of that piece of our history. This was many years ago, but many Southerners still fondly remember George Wallace and may still hold similar beliefs. This is no longer a schoolhouse but the White House, and some may believe that it's not called that because of the color of the paint.

I ask very little of you, Alabama. Your skies are blue, your water clear, your land fertile and your people as kind and respectful as you'll ever find. But this is my desperate plea. I know that you will overwhelmingly vote for John McCain, even if nationally the election is a landslide for Obama. No matter how much I try I cannot change this, and even the Obama supporters who do exist here realize this and are all driving to Florida to give them their aid. I only ask that the results not be embarrassing. The entire nation is watching. Our state has long been decided and our electoral votes too few to even matter, but the entire world will see the results of our actions.

Please, I beg of you, give Obama a fighting class. I know that he is black and his party blue, but neither should truly matter if he is the better man. And he is the better man...he will give tax cuts to 95% of us, invest in education and in renewable energy sources, cut government programs that waste your hard-earned money, and provide affordable health care for all. The other choice is a 72-year-old man who may die and leave the the most powerful position in the free world to a woman who's main political experience has been that she was the mayor of a small fishing villiage of 2,500 people, and only foreign policy experience is that she can see Russia from certain places in her home state. (Though to be fair she may be an astronaut of some sort, as she can also see space from her house as well.)

Alabama, even with your fierce, unwavering loyalty to the Republican Party, only 23% of you are happy with President Bush. McCain has agreed with him 90% of the time, so that doesn't make him much better. And while Sarah Palin is exciting and refreshing, and yes, kind of hot, given her experience or lack thereof she would be far, FAR worse. To the point of endangering the entire nation. We can't let this happen.

This is the day of reckoning. It is my wish that you would vote as Blue as the other states elsewhere, not as Red as your closest neighbors. I know that McCain will win Alabama and it would take a miracle for this not to happen. But please, Bama, please try to keep it close. Show that Alabamians do have some common sense, and that these results surprise all of the media analysts about how small a gap there was. It would be a dream come true for the result to be too close to call at the close of the polls. That may be asking a bit much, but please don't let this be a Republican landslide. Let those who believe as I do get out and vote wrather than writing you off as a lost cause. Let our voices be heard, and let it be known that even here a good many people want change we can believe in.

Just don't let this be an embarrassment that shames the entire state. The world is watching.
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