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Shameless Plug

If any of y'all are looking for a funny ass webcomic, try Aikida. Next to the immortal 8-bit Theatre, Aikida is the funniest one I've seen in a while. But then again, maybe it's just my particular type of humor.

It's about three programmers working in the industry, testing out various games and making fun of how bad they all are. However, the writer drifts from silliness to drama to bashing video game companies to focusing on character development, and it makes for a very nice all-around story. Very funny, but with definitely in a "geek" sort of way. Check it out if you're interested. Admittedly, not as hillarious as 8BT, but great in the fact that unlike 8BT, this comic often goes well off-topic to poke fun at nearly anything and everything, from new hardware or software, to video games, to hockey, to how badly Optimus Prime's replacements were. Forgive me, cause I'm just too damn lazy to link the examples into that preceeding sentance. Maybe later...

I'd normally recommend it anyway, but the author has decided to start participating in the Top Web Comics rankings, and I wanna help him out and give him a decent start. He was expecting to maybe make the top ten, but he's currently in number two and I'd like to see him take the top spot. So, if ya like what you see, do me a favor and click on this link once daily to cast your votes.

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